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Name: Equidebt Debt Collecting Agents

Equidebt Debt Collecting Agents and the Truth About Your Debt

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Debt purchasing companies (DCAs) earn money by buying delinquent accounts from other companies at a fraction of their total value (around 10% or even less of the total account) then try to bully you into paying them the full amount. In dealing with Equidebt debt collecting agents do bear in mind that this is how they make their money. They will then use all sorts of tricks to get money out of you. This includes frightening folk to the point that they are scared all the time, their relationships suffer and their lives may even be ruined completely. And all because some greedy company got hold of information about a debt and wanted to make money from it whatever the consequences.

You must make sure you know whether or not the debt collection company has bought the debt themselves as a means of turning a profit (as a debt purchaser) or whether they are carrying out work on behalf of another company such as a loan company. If they send you a letter of assignment, as legally required when the account has been sold, then you know the collections agency or DCA is the actual owner of the account and will try to get as much out of you as he possibly can. When dealing with Equidebt debt collecting agents bear in mind almost every penny the debt collecting company gets is profit because they bought the account for a song. So they will try to break you any way they can.

So ask Equidebt Debt Collecting Agents for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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