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Name: Equidebt Debt Collection Agency

Equidebt Debt Collection Agency and the Truth About Your Debt

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As you are having to cope with Equidebt debt collection agency you will be acquainted with the ruses they employ to get money out of you so that they can profit from your misery. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them. They may phone you up when they know it is inconvenient for you and on an unacceptably numerous number of occasions. They may send you official-looking nastily worded letters threatening to send people round and collect the money in full or take you to court if you cannot pay. Their other strategies could include attempting an order for sale charge on your property or make you homeless.

You must ensure you know whether or not the debt collecting company bought the debt for themselves as a means of making money or whether they are doing recovery work on behalf of a client company such as a bank (where they would pocket a percentage of recovered money). If a letter of assignment is sent, which the law requires if the debt has actually been sold, then you know the collections firm owns the account and therefore will attempt to get as much money out of you as they possibly can. When dealing with Equidebt debt collection agency do bear in mind that almost everything they get is profit because they bought the account for a song. So they will try to get you any way they can.

So ask Equidebt Debt Collection Agency for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.




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